Another Starling landing

I got a few B-roll images the other day when I was set up for landings, and some are looking a little better than they did that day. The right side is the edge of the frame, cropped from the other 3 sides to 18% of the full frame. (Action is too fast to follow to where they are going to land with more focal length.) I need to try Dennis Planck’s suggestion of a wider angle closer to the perch, fired remotely.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 at 238, 1/2500 at f/8, ISO 6400. Very minor tonal tweaks in LR; into PS for denoise and some BG softening of highlights with low opacity cloning.


Wow, Diane! I love this. Such great detail in the feathers and love the little feet! I also like how the wing tips are blurred showing the motion. He looks like he’s giving you the corner look! Great capture!

Full flaps down! Nicely caught. This looks super difficult to do so even the b-roll is something to marvel at.

Very good, Diane. You caught a great moment. No nits here.

Well done image with good action and detail.

Hi Diane
I should be so lucky to have B-rolls with quality. I looks like you have a nice working stage of the local talent. I would keep the setup going,