Valdez Winter Colors Pan

This is taken from the tide flats at Valdez, Alaska New Town site and looking across the bay at the South Mountains with the Oil Terminal at their base. It was 4:00 PM on Dec 29, 2016 which is sunset time. It is stitched from 2 horizontal photos. If you view it large and look closely you can see the oil tanks, buildings and berth lights on the Marine Terminal. Almost exactly dead center of the image you can see the artificial Xmas Tree with star that the Terminal puts up every year. Every light on the tree is equivalent to a street light and there are dozens of them on strings. One of the things you might find interesting about this image is the specs. Each image is taken with the Sony a6500, SEL1670Z @ 42 mm, ISO-100, f/4.0, 1/20, hand held!

Very nice pano. Love the colors and reflections in the water.

Gary, wonderful winter scene from this location near Valdez. A very vibrant sunset for this time of year up there. I think I can actually see the lights on the Xmas tree if I have the right spot figure out there…:sunglasses:

Gary, the colors in the sky (and their scattered reflections) make a fine contrast to the black and white of the snowy landscape. The artificial lights show nicely in the full display and add extra interest.