Vienna Woods, Autumn Light

The image was taken in the first week of November this year. It is a capture from Vienna Woods in Lower Austria. Autumn colors had just passed their high point in this region and a significant part of the trees was already almost bare. Fortunately I found this small intimate scene where some beautiful colors came together with a favorable sidelight that accentuated the trunks and their barks. The photograph is part of a series concerning with square format. In my opinion, it allows me an interesting variety of arrangements within the frame, centered as well as decentered in this case.


I really like the feeling of a quite peaceful day in the words in the autumn. I personally would like to see a little more pop in the colors.

Peter, I agree. We normally associate tree with vertical images, but I quite like how the square aspect ratio has allowed you to nicely balance the trees across this scene. The group of 4 trees in the the URC is especially interesting. Processing contrast and exposure of forest interiors on sunny days can be tricky when you are not using back light, but I think you have done a great job handling the light in this scene. Nice work here…

Peter, I enjoy this scene. I agree it is a nice choice to use the square format. This complex scene is reminiscent of the busier woodlands we have in the central US—especially compared to the more simplified forest floor you see in many images presented from the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Thank you for sharing!

I like that you have preserved the complexity of the forest rather than finding a ‘tidy’ composition. I think I’m basically repeating Adam’s critique. The colors are very natural imo. To me the greens at the very bottom are a bit strong. Not all of those greens but the lowest ones. I simply cropped up just a tad to remove them but you can desaturate if you have a mind to do so. The composition became more apparent after I downloaded it. As with much of your work, the composition is subtle.

The square format works well, decentered here. I’m with Igor on the greens; perhaps just a tad of desaturation. The colors of the autumn leaves are perfect. And this has an amazing amount of energy, for a square format frame with lots of solid vertical elements. For me, the energy comes from the tangle of small branches that +/- all point towards the left. It feels like they have a purpose, all moving in the same direction.