Virgin Narrows, Zion National Park

The usual: rent waterproof overalls, neoprene socks, water boots, carry camera in waterproof day pack, take camera out each time to use, wrap up and put away after the shot, tripod in one hand, long walking stick in the other, slosh through a lot of slippery water, sometimes up to mid thigh but mostly below the knees, get really tired.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments welcome.

Technical Details

The foreground of the shot has little direct light because of the high walls on both sides. In the distance the river takes a sharp bend to the right and the walls open up the area to allow in direct sunlight, which creates the gold glow.


Beautiful image, Tony. Your description of the process for going through the Narrows is exactly why I haven’t done it. :slightly_smiling_face: But I enjoy the images others have come out with.


Exception image from the Narrows! I haven’t been either, but that’s been one of the great things here on NPN is being able to see and enjoy these places thru other photographer’s. As David mentions, your description speaks volumes of the experience.

Love the vertical - of course very appropriate for the location. Great job with the comp and it’s working beautifully with the reflection and the smoothed out water.

I think your processing is probably spot on to the location. I say probably, cause I don’t know for sure. I think depending on your desires and goals, that back wall could be brought up a bit to draw more attention? But I think overall your processing is “tempered” and that’s meant in a good way. Ie. very natural looking.

No nits or other suggestions.


Tony, the vertical strip of orange is a real eye catcher. I like how the water starts out with a left swing and lots of color leading to the distant, curved sunlit patch. I do think a bit of burning of the bright rocks, along the shore would be good and I wonder about the luminosity difference between the shadowed walls and the sunlit wall. Those are minor nits on an excellent view.

Really enjoyed this Tony. I’m drawn to it because the light/colors haven’t been leaned on so hard as is often the case with this location. I feel like I’m actually there. Glad you suffered through & now have a good pic & story to tell!