Virginia Bluebells

It’s Virginia Bluebell season in the mid-Atlantic and their flowers are often a nice mix of pink (light red…) and blue flowers with bright green leaves. Here are two views where the buds or some of the flowers were nicely pink (the buds can tend to a deep magenta and many of the flowers show no pink).

10 shot stack:

13 shot stack, cropped to 8.5 x 11

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Hi Mark,
I like your second version showing the front of the Bluebells. The flowers look like the skirts of a group of dancers . Nice diagonal line with the two groups of blossoms. Great contrast with soft background.

I am quite jealous. These are really something. Such delicate beauty, but somehow very substantial at the same time. I guess it’s the cluster of flowers effect. Against the green they’re so beautiful. Hard to isolate I suspect, so bravo for that. It snowed again last night, so my contribution to any flower pictures is going to be a while.

The second image works better because there is better separation with the background and the flowers are displayed to better advantage. Wonderful image.