Close-up of the Vöringsfossen which falls from the Hardangervidda plateau into the Måbødalen valley.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

1/320 sec @ ƒ/5.6 was sufficient to freeze some droplets, in this case.

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You captured some lovely textures and detail! B/W was a great choice. I think this could be shot angled so the flow is moving horizontally through the frame, to make it an abstraction.

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Benjamin, I love the BNW edit choice you made. It creates more drama and captures my eyes more fully. The textures in the photo appear to my eyes as more fluid instead of stopped. I see the tiny droplets you refer to in the description, and I think you could have stopped the action a whole lot more by using a higher shutter speed. I do not know the conditions you found yourself in when you made the photograph. Perhaps, changing the shutter speed was not an option at the time. I love the drama you conveyed with the photo.

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