Walking in the woods

I loved the lighting in the woods this day. It was such great timing for to capture this image.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback would be welcome :wink:

Technical Details

Processed in Lightroom and Luminar 4


This is a nice looking scene, I love that little light beam coming in!!!
I might be tempted to boost the shadows just a bit, and crop in from the left so that tiny bit of bright area isn’t showing. There also seems to be a slight yellow color cast on the leaves, which can be corrected using a luminosity mask or just some slight adjustments in HSL. That bit of leafy are in front of the tree on the far right is really nice!

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Thank you so much for your input :wink: So apricated.

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Hi Michelle. It’s great to see you here. :slight_smile:

I love forest scenes. This is beautiful.

I like the vignette but I think that the flow from front to back would benefit from losing the vignette in the lower right corner. The flow of light from the lower right to the upper left would help pull the viewer through. As Matt mentioned those leaves in that corner, in front of the tree, look great. I’d let them sine through.

My method of vignetting is to only vignette where the scene is the dark and not where I want light.

Otherwise, nice work!!!

I love scenes in the forest like this. This is more of a summer look I would say. The dynamic range keeps me from trying such images but you pulled it off well. These may be vine maples. They often form such nice canopies below the evergreens here in the Oregon Cascades. That left side is pretty dark with little information. You might want a small crop off the left.

I agree with the comments made already. Very nice spotlight. You might also consider burning the patch of light on the ground near the left edge to keep the attention more on the collection of leaves in the middle.

Beautiful forest scene, something I always find challenging. The way the light highlights the fall foliage is very inviting.

Thank you so very much for your sweet complement. :wink:


All kinds of mood here! It is a bit on the dark side as noted by some comments about the shadow areas. But for sure, the darkness is elevating that mood!

I also agree with some comments about the spot light on the left. While this lighting is always fun and often desireble in the deep forest, I think for this particular image the left highlight is a little disconnected from the main subject which are the highlighted leaves of the maple.

You might consider a crop and then play with the darkest shadows a little bit. Then again, it’s all within personal preference and you need to stick with what you want to convey!

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much for you input :wink: