Wanted: Beta tester for NPN Android App

If you have an Android phone and would like to test out our new app just reply to this, we only need a couple people to test.

I have already tested the iOS version and it should be in the app store in a week or two.

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Hey David, I can check it out. You should know that I’m on a little vacation and won’t have much time to test until next Tuesday. But would still like to check it out. Let me know.

I’m in. :slight_smile:

I will.

I have added you all to the beta test group, I’m not sure if it will work for you unless you have a gmail or gsuite email account. Give it a try by going here to accept the invite to the testing group https://play.google.com/apps/testing/network.naturephotographers.npn

There isn’t much to it, you should be able to just sign in and enable notifications, we just want to ensure the notifications are working properly. Thank you guys!

I installed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S7. I get notifications in the app, but nothing in the tray. When I click the enable notifications button in the app it does not change. I checked the phone settings and made sure that notifications are enabled there.

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I’m afraid I won’t be of any use after all. I tried to install the app on both my phone, a HTC 1 (older model), and my Samsung Galaxy S tablet and the play store says that “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”
I guess they are too old…

Are you referring to the notification drawer by chance? I’m not too familiar with androids

Sorry David. Yes I meant the notification drawer.

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We will push out an update here soon that will make it compatible with older devices, thanks Tom!

I installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well. When I click to enable notifications in the preferences it says “Notifications are not supported on this browser. Sorry.”. That is the same as my phone.

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There is a new build out, please try installing this version which should work on older devices, also all the notifications should be working now.

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I updated the app on both my phone and tablet this morning. I still get the same error when I click on “Enable Notifications” in Preferences. Notifications show up fine within the application itself. Is the intention to have notifications show up in the drawer? I also just noticed that the app icon doesn’t show a badge with the count of notifications.

I’ll look into this, in the meantime could you try creating a new post in any category and try uploading a photo from your phone, I’ll delete it right away, just want to be sure it works.

Just to clear things up, are clicking the enable notifications inside the app or in settings? You should only have to do it in the app, you may need to reinstall it if you don’t see this button in the app anymore.

I am changing the setting in the app under Account, Notifications.

I just posted an image from my phone in the Landscape Gallery David.

Excellent, I’m glad that works!

For the notifications could you please try this: delete the app, reinstall it, relogin, and enable notifications via the button at the bottom of the page. After those steps, you should receive notifications in the drawer and as a badge.

The key part of this is the enable notifications button that will appear at the bottom of the app after reinstalling. The notifications that you are referring to are part of the website, not the app (confusing, I know).

Hey David. I tried reinstalling a couple of times on both my phone and tablet. After I am asked for my username and password, it logs me in and takes me directly into the app. There is never a button that appears to enable notifications. However, if I go into the device settings for the app, it shows that notifications are on as well as app icon badges.

Is anyone else having the notification problems that Monte is having?