NPN iPhone and Android Apps Released

In another step to modernize NPN we have created apps for you to keep up to date on the go!

Download the iPhone or iPad app here

The app itself is very simple, the key feature is notifications. When somebody comments on your post or you get a private message you will be notified! Be sure to click the Enable Notification button on the bottom of the app after signing in.

Android “app”

Android is a little different due to the fact that we don’t need an app to get notifications. Here are the steps to enable notifications and add a link to your homepage so it functions just like an app.

  1. Open NPN in your web browser
  2. There should be a bar asking you to enable notifications, turn these notifications on.
  3. If this bar does not display go to your Notification Settings and look for ‘Live Notifications’, enable this.
  4. Add the site to your home screen

Please reply to this if you have any questions or problems.


Just downloaded it iPhone app. Works great!


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App looks great on the iPhone! Nice work!!

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I was able to figure the Android method out. Actually, it seemed to figure it out for me. :smiley: Works great!

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