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Bright Light

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Image 3
In the Rain

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Twin Beams

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Glitter Trees

Image 6
Stars in Water

Project Description

My favorite photographic subject is anything water! I was at one of my photographic “haunts,” a wonderful lagoon, a few months ago. The sun was bright, but I was determined to do some photography, sun or not. Like many landscape photographers, overcast has been a favorite condition for photography, but nada. None! What I found was that I loved working with the bright light hitting the water. Combined with the movement — smooth to ripples — I found the patterns to be fascinating and fun to photograph.

I’ve continued this exploration. Each time I go to this location, I find more to photograph and have expanded my seeing. The images don’t always “work” with one another, so I’ve divided them into two groups — this one, “Water & Light,” and another, “Along the Shore,” which I’ll post separately.

Self Critique

I love the way the light and water interact. I’m always “on the prowl” for more possibilities. Always looking to expand my vision.

Creative Direction

I’m continuing to work in the location. I’m able to visit frequently, so I encounter different conditions, including overcast and rain. I still find the bright light on water to be of most interest, along with distinct reflections — but that discussion is for the next group!

Specific Feedback

I’m curious to know how others find the images. Are they of interest? Aesthetically? Conceptually? Emotionally (this is of particular interest to me since the work has been done during a stressful period — my husband has been quite ill) — are the scenes peaceful? Any and all technical feedback is welcome.

Intent of the project

Gallery Exhibition

Additional Details: Yes, they may end up in my gallery space, but eventually, I’m interested in submitting to LensWork or On Landscape.

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Susanna - I love this project. I struggle to put together a cohesive series, so I’m always appreciative of those who can. I’m glad you chose to go monochrome. The first five work beautifully together, but #6, with its sharp, bright sparkles was a bit jarring to me. I wasn’t totally comfortable with it in association with the calmer feel of the other five. It’s wonderful that you have a nearby location to work over time. Excellent!

@Denise_Dethlefsen, thank you! I was wondering about that last image, so am glad to get your feedback. I’m glad that the others work. I’ll continue developing this project. :slightly_smiling_face:

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First off. My apologies for not having as much time to go through this collection as I had with “Along the Shore”.

On a general level, I tend to not be very fond of abstract images with contrasty high frequency texures, such as being offered in many of these photos. It just looks like “noise” to my brain and I don’t know where to look. These get much closer to that point than “Along the Shore” for me but are mostly on the right side of the bar and as you might guess from that comment, I prefer the other collection (which I absolutely love!).

This one is still very interesting although not as engaging to me.

About the choice of monochrome – I like the tone but can’t help but wonder if I’m missing out on some nice natural colours that you’ve removed. Couldn’t really tell unless I saw them in colour…

Images like #3, which have reflections or other larger patterns or shapes breaking “the noise pattern” work very well as they override “the noise”.

I find images like #1 and 5, for the same reason, interesting in the bottom half, where there is some “action”, engaging my emotions and imagination, making the upper massive and bright area feel like dead space to me.

#6 is special to me and probably my favorite despite my dislike of sunstars in landscape photos. Here I find them to work beautifully though, as does the composition, including the bright upper band of highlights (that I’ve had “issues” with in other photos).

Cheers for now!

@StéphaneJean, hello! I apologize for the delay in responding to your very thoughtful feedback on Water & Light! I’ve been swamped for the last six weeks or more, in part getting my new display ready and hung in my gallery. It features images from the Along the Shore project, plus three waterfall images, all in black and white.

I basically agree with your feedback on Water & Light. Initially, I was intrigued by the sun hitting the water combined with the effect of the reflections and water movement. But my interest has waned. I have thought about leaving color in these (and Along the Shore) images. I’m so fond of B&W that I always seem to automatically convert the images. Decisions, decisions! I may go back and work with the images in Along the Shore, to produce both color and B&W for comparison sake. It would be interesting to see how people respond.

Thanks again for your feedback. I appreciate it!

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No problem, @Susanna_Euston. As you can see, by my late reply, I’ve been busy elsewhere too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I definitely also get that the process sometimes takes some time and might lead us to lose interest in a project. It’s all part of learning and growing as artists and we shouldn’t be afraid of moving on.

Looking forward to seeing what new images this might lead you to!


Susanna, So great to see this work. My first impression was that the initial image wasn’t strong enough as a stand-alone image but then I noticed you posted it under the Project category so I dove in to find myself very pleasantly surprised. Then the leading image made more sense. I should have known!

I love this set. They are cohesive together and show a great range of values. I like the square crop, too. I notice 5 of the 6 show reflections of trunks and are lovely forms, but for me they beg the questions: Why 5? Why not 6, or 4, or 3…? Was there anything else to reflect?

I really appreciate Image 3 In the Rain since it offers something different. That one strong ripple is important and well scaled within the frame.

I also like Image 6 for the stars. Yet another dimension to the project that gives it depth.

Wonderful work that I think you definitely should aim for publication. And I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s illness. I wish the best for you and him. It endows the work with personal meaning that is worth further exploration.

Matt, so good to hear from you. And thanks for your feedback! You might be interested in another project that I have up called “Along the Shore.” It’s actually my favorite of the two.

I enjoy receiving your emails and seeing your new work! By the way, my gallery has its grand reopening on the 29th. The renovations really care out beautifully! I’ll send a photo of my wall (8x8 ft).

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Susanna, Thanks for inviting me to review Along the Shore. It’s very lovely! I’m a little short on time tonight so I left a brief message. And I’m gratified you find my emails and new work enjoyable. I’m presently working on going through all of 2023 first cut of images to eventually post the final cut to my website and put into pdfs for subscribers.

Matt, you are so organized! I’m still working on my book project. With everything going on, I’m not sure when I’ll finish it. By the way, I have six of the Along the Shore project matted, framed, and hanging in the gallery. Not sure how they’ll appeal to the “masses.” :thinking:

| Matt Lancaster
February 22 |

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Susanna, Thanks for inviting me to review Along the Shore. It’s very lovely! I’m a little short on time tonight so I left a brief message. And I’m gratified you find my emails and new work enjoyable. I’m presently working on going through all of 2023 first cut of images to eventually post the final cut to my website and put into pdfs for subscribers.

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Well, I can attest that the book requires a deliberate commitment to its completion because it may be important but not urgent. Other stuff will always come up. And it’s not cheap so that gets in the way of completing it too.

So your Along the Shore project is a physical gallery mounting then, right? Is there an opening event? Will you share photos of the work on the wall somehow? I’d like to see it if possible.

Matt, I have six of the images hanging on my gallery wall. It’s not a show, per se, but a display. I emailed the image of the wall to you.

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