I went on a tour of a cypress swamp this weekend in northwest Tennessee. One of the subjects we saw was this snake hanging out in the shade.

Specific Feedback Requested:


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600mm C
ISO 2500, f6.3, 1/320s, hand held


Nice framing and lighting here Alan, adding to the overall feel of the shot. The branch and the background darkness make it all look suitably “swampy”.
I wonder if it would benefit from cloning out the two small green patches?

The dark feel of the frame really adds to the image and I like the beaming eye too !
You may darken the bottom end of branch and the image may benefit from boost in saturation.

Appropriately creepy, with that very swampy-looking branch and dark BG – well done! The duckweed makes it look small, but the creep factor makes it look big. The head is so beautifully lighted! I think @JRajput has a good thought about darkening the end of the branch a little.

I’m going in the opposite direction of Ryan: I think the green bits of vegetation on the snake are a fantastic subtle addition. They add a nice complementary splash of color, and give the whole scene a better sense of being “in situ” (as opposed to the many, many posed and pre-arranged setups we see in herp photography these days).

Nope. I don’t like snakes. Nuh uh!

The picture though is gorgeous. Beautiful lighting, love the black background, some bokeh mixed in for good luck. It’s👍

As for the green hoojis I’m on the fence: I think cloned out would look better, but I also like to know that the images I’m seeing are a reasonable rendition of what was actually there.

All in all, great image.