Weekly Challenge - winter with no snow

Image:A late winter image of morning dove with eyes closed sitting on a branch with icicles, not quite full winter, image taken in April, but in Indiana there still is a chance of “cold” weather.


Specific Feedback Requested:Composition and editing

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 6D, 1/250 sec, F8, 70-200 mm lens


Ian, I had to put on my jacket on before writing this. Your image exudes coldness and winter weather. I like the soft colors and cool palette you used in the edit. The overall sharpness is exactly where it needs to be. The details on the feathers right under the bird’s beak are impressive as is the case with the closed eye. You also paid careful attention to the crop and did not allow distracting elements to take our eyes away from the dove. May I ask why you cropped the top close in? Maybe there was some distraction above that area. I don’t know. I would have liked to see a bit more space on the upper section of the frame. With the dove’s cold expression, I can’t help but feel the image a bit compressed in terms of space above the dove. In any event, this is a very expressive image of winter with no snow. The story you tell here is clear and well composed. Nicely done!

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Thank you for your comments, and I agree this image does make you “shiver.” Thank you for your suggestion, I will try to open up the image on the top so it does not feel so compressed.


Great framing and DOF with this. The idea of the frozen outcast, isolated and alone, comes through well even though I know there was likely at least one if not more doves nearby. I love how floofy they get in winter. So I couldn’t resist downloading your shot to warm it up some and lessen the magenta cast (with Photoshop and ACR). I also added a bit of clarity in the bird, perch and those wonderful icicles!

Not sure if you think it’s the right direction for your photo, but it was fun. Terrific picture.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions and the editing tips - I do really like the way the icicles not look with your editing. Thanks Again

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