What's in the window

I was on the computer when I heard a loud thump and my wife said you’d better come see this. It was this mule deer buck who had jumped (the one foot distance) onto our deck and was staring in a widow. Since we have highly reflective (energy efficient) windows, he was most likely staring at his own reflection. I quickly grabbed my camera and took several pics through the window. Because he was in the shade with bright sun on the grasses behind, I overexposed to get detail in him. Thus, it’s a fun picture, but not one that I think is particularly “good”. (R5, 24-105 @ 105, 1/200 s, f/11, iso 800, tripod)

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Love the licking lips, Mark, like he is expecting you to invite him in for dinner. Definitely a fun photo.

Definitely a surprise and a fun capture, Mark! If all it saw was its own image it’s a good thing for you that he wasn’t aggressive toward that ‘other mule deer’! That could have seriously ruined the energy efficiency of that window!

Talk about getting a buck eyes view. Very fun photo, Mark. Thanks for sharing.

Take the blue/cyan cast out of the deer and maybe try a vertical crop are my only suggestions for improving the image. I like the pose and perhaps the buck knew that there was some delicious items in your kitchen. Well done…Jim