When you're down (+1 re-edit)

With the light patch in the LRC cloned away -

This tiny leaf caught my attention while on the trail. It was a bit windy, but I was patient. It’s about 1 inch long or a little less. The small stragglers often catch me and pull me in. It’s not the first or the last photo like this I’ve taken. Maybe one day the conditions will be better for a stack, but hanging like this it’s tough to do.

Specific Feedback Requested

Open to ideas - mostly for processing, but whatever.

Technical Details

I think I handheld this since I recall managing the tripod to be too much of a PITA. But maybe not considering the ss - that’s about as low as I can hand hold even with Dual-IS.


Lr for a lot of the basics including a little crop and overall tonal management. Some masking to further separate the leaf from the bg. Photoshop to remove some distractions behind the sapling.


Excellent!! Perfect DOF and the compositional details make this exquisite – the slight lean in the trunk, the soft focus on the trunk and softer on the BG, and the placement in the frame of the new bud (?) from which the leaf is hanging – all reflect your skill at composing the scene, which complements the technical details.

VERY tiny nit – maybe smooth out the squarish lighter shape in the LR corner.

Very lovely, small scene. Perfect capture!

Nice work on the slow shutter speed, Kris. This is a terrific image with awesome out of focus framing.

Thanks @Diane_Miller, @Vanessa_Hill & @David_Bostock - so pleased you found this as interesting as I did. Lone leaves always get me and I’m glad I persisted with this one. So cute.

I didn’t even notice the LRC, Diane, and so I’ve fixed that and put up a new shot. I think it was because I had to clean up a lot more in the background and so that one just didn’t get my attention. Viewing it without having seen all the other things makes it more apparent. Funny how that works!