Unintended catch (with rework and a B&W version)

With the greens in the bg reduced more -

And a monochrome conversion with a lot of messing with the individual color sliders -

Taken in the fall a couple of years ago it’s been a favorite since then. The tiny leaf and the water droplets in the spider web were irresistible and although it was windy, I kept trying to get a sharp shot between breezes.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the bg still too bright? I took it down a bit, but not sure if I should try more. Afraid it would look to muddy and unnatural.

Technical Details

Can’t remember if I had the camera on a tripod or not. I suspect not.


A bit of an exposure boost, clarity, contrast & texture in Lightroom. Some dehaze. Masks to bring down the background a little. Topaz Sharpen to bring up more detail. Photoshop to remove some edge distractions.


Wow, Kris, there is so much to love about this image. The detail is exquisite. As is the composition with the droplets curving nicely along the lower & right side with the leaf at a perfectly wonderful angle. No, I don’t think it is too bright at all. I can certainly see why this has always bee a favorite. Very nicely seen and captured.

Kris, I can see why this is a favorite for you. Love those droplets on the web with the refractions. I think a couple of the leaves are a bit bright, but if taking it down any more causes problems, I certainly would leave as is. I also was wonder if this would look good in B&W? That also might eliminate the brighter leaves from trying to draw the eye. Just a thought. Anyway, I love the image and so glad that you shared it. This is far too good to be sitting in archives!

Wonderful!! A gorgeous find – the refractions are amazing!! So much of the web is in sharp focus and the structure is a delight to explore!

I would try to bring down the brighter areas in the top half, but it might not work.

This is fab! Leaves caught in spider webs are always cool. The water drops are very cool in their own right, with those irregular shapes and the reflections of the forest. I do think the ULC is rather bright; the other bright spots aren’t so bothersome to me.

Thanks to the ladies of NPN - @linda_mellor, @Shirley_Freeman, @Diane_Miller & @Bonnie_Lampley - I’m glad I dug it out for this week’s theme.

I brought down the greens in the bg a bit more and added a monochrome version in the OP. Thanks for the suggestion to try that @Shirley_Freeman.

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Kris, I like both of them. I think your toning the colors works for the color version, and I like the B&W as well. Very nice. Thanks for doing that. I am guilty of not thinking of B&W as much as I should, which surprises me since I started out in B&W film!

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