Two for the price of one

So I was in a shallow backwater in the kayak, using the long lens to pick out abstracts in a bunch of grass opposite me when I spied this leaf an thought it might make a good counterpoint. Only when I got the picture in Lightroom did I discover the Six-spotted fishing spider and, as if that little bonus wasn’t enough, a photobombing jumping spider, too!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback to improve is welcome. It was serendipity.

Technical Details

Handheld in the boat, but basically grounded.


Big crop in Lr, the basics for curves, clarity & texture. Topaz Sharpen for detail and noise reduction.

Wow! What a lucky shot & pleasant surprise, Kristen! Not only did you get 2 spiders for free, they are also in perfect focus and the exposure and color is excellent! It’s always fun & exciting when these type of things pop up when you first view them on a large screen! BTW, you also got that nice abstract that you were looking for :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Gary_Minish - I meant to reply but spaced. The photobomb can be fun sometimes.

For a while there Kristen I was just seeing a dead leaf caught up in the greenery. Then I saw the fishing spider…
Missed the little one for quite a while though. Don’t you just love it when insects photobomb shots. It seems to happen so often.
This is a great one with plenty of intrigue. Love it. Cheers.

Thanks @Phil_G - it was certainly a fun find and makes me smile every time I see it. Of course I smile basically whenever I see spiders. One was prowling around the gym downstairs while I was lifting the other day. Had to be careful to find it again after every set so I wouldn’t squish it.