Fishing spider

This view is one of the fishing spiders that hang out on my ponds taken last summer. I’m pretty sure that it’s the Six-spotted fishing spider (Dolomedes triton). The camera setting make it clear that I was trying to catch some dragonflies in flight action, when this spider strolled close. Cropped to 4x5.

7D2, 180 mm macro L, 1/2500 s, f/11, iso 6400, tripod

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Mark, This is a very nice shot, especially since it was not the subject that you were out yo get, and so able to capture him so well, looking right at the camera. Love that he is hanging out on an old lily bloom that has faded away, it looks like.

Shirley, its perch is a new lily leaf that has just started to emerge from the water. Those young leaves often start out a bronze color and turn green once they’re floating on the surface. These spiders walk on the water surface to catch small insects…something that I’ll watch for next summer.

Best wishes for the holidays.

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Very nice. I love the focus on the spider. Spiders have all these interesting shapes and markings that let my imagination run a bit wild. I see faces and some things that may go “bump in the night”. Looks like another spider or insect on the edge of the new pad?

Yes, Jim, there is something on the pad edge. I’m guessing that it’s a dead mosquito (or other small flying insect) since it looks like it’s upside down… more of the busy life that makes small ponds so much fun.

Mark: Really cool looking critter in very nice light. I’m impressed with the lack of noise at this ISO. Great shot and Merry Christmas to you and yours. >=))>