Which Would Your Rather Receive...?

Would you rather receive ‘Likes’ on your images, or Comments, or both?

‘Likes’, by clicking the Like button are nice, but for me, I prefer a comment, or both.

A ‘Like’ says only that a member liked the image, but that does not tell me ‘why’ they liked it. I am more interested in ‘why’ someone likes an image I post.

What do you all think?

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Funny, until you posted this topic, I did not even realize there were “likes” on the site. I would much rather have comments, good, bad or indifferent than likes. Comments are much more informative and useful to me. Whether I agree with a comment or not, it gets me to look at my work through someone else’s eyes and perspective, which is always helpful.

Comments for me.

I learn from reading others comments on other people’s images as well so I think comments add value to the wider community not just the poster

Comments for me, as others have stated. " Likes" do not help us learn and grow. I do not use them or pay attention to them.

To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the “likes” on this site and I never think to “like” someone else’s image. I do that on Flickr because that’s how it’s designed. NPN is for discussion and collaboration.


Likes are for galleries. Comments are for critiques. I prefer critiques.

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True, but I still appreciate a comment as to why someone likes a particular image, even in a ‘sharing’ gallery.

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I like both I understand sometimes people don’t have time to provide comments on everything of course comments are what helps us learn the most.

Early on while developing the site we debated removing the Likes altogether so NPN would be even less like social media, but eventually decided likes are a good way show appreciation, here are some examples:

  1. To show appreciation for a comment on your photo, which is better than leaving a string of twenty replies saying thank you over and over if a more thoughtful reply is not required. Or, if you see somebody leave a fantastic reply on another photo you should show appreciation to them for being an awesome member of the community by liking their comment.
  2. To show appreciation for a photo if you don’t have something insightful to say. This will help prevent the meaningless comments that run rampant on social/photo sites like ‘great snap’, ‘V+F check out my portfolio’ :face_vomiting: this is a cultural thing that we won’t see here too much, but it gives an option to show you like a photo when you don’t have a great comment but do appreciate the photo.

To avoid Likes becoming competitive in nature I have removed any way of sorting the forum by likes. Thus far I am seeing the like button being used very little on image posts and instead very thoughtful comments, which is awesome and exactly the way we wanted it to be!

The community spirit is alive and well with NPN, as the site grows we will have to be vigilant to keep it this way and help inform new members that things are different here!


I definitely would rather receive comments, but I will admit I leave a lot of likes. Usually I’ll see an image I like, read the comments people already left, and decided I don’t have much to say that the comments haven’t already covered, so I just hit like. Maybe I should just leave a comment that says similar things to what everyone has already said?


I like comments but use the likes to show appreciation for someone’s comment… so, both!


This is the whole reason I joined this site. As harsh as it sounds, likes to me, while nice, feel empty. I believe it’s important to not only know what you’ve done wrong, but right as well.

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i definitely prefer comments on any image post. likes are somewhat meaningless. as @Matt_Payne pointed out, they are a very nice way to show appreciation for a comment though.

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I purposely have nothing at all to do with ANY social media - Facebook/Instagram or any of the others because I personally feel wanting or needing to accumulate “likes” is pretty childish and insecure.

However, I find COMMENTS here extremely useful and they are what, in my 15 yrs on the NPN site, have helped me learn and grow to whatever level I’ve achieved in photography.
and still lots to learn.

I greatly value the perspective and suggestions of others here, especially since I have not been able to be active in a physical “photo club” for a long time. comments help me see through another’s eyes, and open me to alternatives and different perspectives.

I’ve met and shot with and gone on workshops with a fair number of NPN people over the years and especially value - and look for - their images and comments, both on my work and on their or other’s work.

My 5 cents (inflation)…
Sandy Richards-Brown


Comments and critiques for me. I would rather know what someone liked about an image or any suggestions they had for improvement. I can get the faves on Flickr; I like NPN for the sharing and learning experience.

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I definitely prefer comments. I have given a couple of Likes, and I think I gave them to others’ comments?
As others have said, comments and critiques are what set NPN apart.

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If I’m at a gallery and see a friend look at my photo on the walland turn and give me a thumbs up I’d be just as pleased. Why discount the value of a good old fashioned thumbs up? :wink: :+1:


It worked for Spartacus.


I don’t understand why it is an either / or question. It should be an “and / both”. They both have their place and serve a purpose.

No need to denigrate either and call them childish and insecure.