And original color version only adjusted highlights and converted to jpg….

Another windy summer day a few days ago experimenting with slow shutter speeds in a field of grasses.

Specific Feedback Requested

Do you like it in the original color or black and white better? Does it work? Anything else

Technical Details

300mm, ISO 100, f29, 1/15 . Lowered the highlights on the color one.

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Great image. I like the B&W version best, it is more soft and dreamy.

Another vote for the B&W version. I like your high key presentation and use of diagonals Vanessa.

I really like the color version a lot. It conveys motion and a moment. It works.
Some nitpicking things for me. Dust spots upper left. Distracting clump of grass upper right.

I pretty much agree with Eva. I like the b&w because of it’s higher key presentation. I could easily switch to color if it was more high toned. I think the nature of the subject calls for that.

Hi Vanessa, thank you for sharing these two variations. I took some time to think about both images. I feel that the color image conveys more of the texture and subtle tonal variation in the grasses over the black and white version so that would be my preference. I would recommend cloning out the dark spot on the upper right. Also the curvy grass that swoops in from the bottom left catches my eye and conflicts with the rest of the diagonal lines of the grasses.

I think I like the warmth of the color version, Vanessa. Both are terrific, and I usually gravitate towards the B&W, but in this case, the color hits me nicely.

Thank you @Ola_Jovall @Eva_McDermott @Igor_Doncov @Matt_Payne @alfredomora @David_Bostock for all your feedback and comments. Now I don’t know if I like b&w or color better! Thanks for noticing the dust spots @Matt_Payne ! I usually remember to look for and get rid of those! I have a big one right in the middle of all my photos that I always have to get rid of, it looks like a bird! :sweat_smile: I really need to send my camera body in to get cleaned but don’t want to not have it. Also thanks for noticing the clump of grass @alfredomora in the top right, but I’m not sure which one you mean on the bottom. @Igor_Doncov do you mean by high tones that I should move the highlights up? Anyway I really appreciate everyone taking the time to look and comment! Thanks!

Composition idea: The bottom part of image has less structure than the upper part.

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