Blowin’ In the Wind & repost

This is the same field that I posted a week ago : (Sunny Fields & repost with composite of 2 images) it changes so quickly by the week, month and season. It’s filled with daisies, tall dandelions and purple flowers right now.

Repost based on suggestions from everyone who suggested!….

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the shutter speed I used to capture the wind blowing too slow, fast or just right? Anything else

Technical Details

ISO 100, 300mm, 1/8, f20. Brought down highlights and brightness just a tad, nothing else.


Nice image, indeed, Vanessa. I think the shutter choice is fine, it gives this whole scene that painterly quality. I might clone out that one daisy in the upper center edge that is partially cut off, and perhaps the one in the lower right corner. But other than that, this is perfect.

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Vanessa, your image has a nice impressionist quality to it. The shutter speed appears to be fine although I would prefer the background to be a bit more blurred so that the white flowers stand out more. Did you consider a crop to eliminate the left third of the frame? The primary subject to me are the white flowers so I would recommend a crop that balances and focuses on them.

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I think the shutter speed is just fine as is and the colors seem pretty natural to me. I agree with @David_Bostock about both of the cut off flowers although I might even go so far as to say a crop on the right side of the image might balance the mostly void area on the left. The way it’s presented now feels like it’s about the white flowers on the right and center part of the image and it feels just slightly out of balance to me with too much weight on the right side. I hope you don’t mind, but I cropped some off the right as shown here.

I’m at work so I can’t really play with this much other than to crop, but this might still need some work with the flowers along the edges. With or without the crop, this is another fine ICM image from your field of flowers. Keep at it. These are very hard to pull off and you seem to have the knack for it. :slight_smile:
PS I’m not sure why this is so desaturated as I didn’t do anything other than crop. Weird.

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This is a fascinating image and I’ve been looking at it for a while now. I was wondering if a longer shutter speed wouldn’t be better to portray the blowing wind but I’m leaning against that idea because the flowers would be too blurred then so in the end, I think I like it as is.
Oh, and I would like to add that I like David’s suggested crop as makes for a stronger composition in my opinion. :blush:

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Thanks @David_Bostock @alfredomora @David_Haynes and @Tom_Nevesely . I really appreciate your inputs and feedback. As far as cropping from the left @alfredomora I really am attached to the yellow flowers on the left and don’t want to get rid of them. I like your crop but I think a little less @David_Haynes . I did end up cropping a bit from the right and also cleaning up some of the flowers as you mentioned @David_Bostock and @David_Haynes , wondering what you all think?

Excellent repost, @Vanessa_Hill.
Wonderful image.

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Thanks @David_Bostock much appreciated!