Winter Returns

Winter certainly has returned to the Colorado high country as this image from Rocky Mtn. NP displays.
I believe in general I’m fairly content with the processing of this simple image, but always interested in what other pairs of eyes may detect that I don’t.
This was a two image focus stack.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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I like what you’re trying to do here. The angle is interesting and its something different. First thing that stands out to me is the last icicle on right is just being nipped off by the edge of the frame.
I think this shot would take well to a bit more processing. Particularly the rock wall in the foreground could do with some burning to put the focus back onto the tree and make the icicles stand out a bit more. Also I think you could emphasize the soft with with a bit of dodging+burning on the snow. The sky is very blue, personally I’d knock that back a bit and push it a touch toward purple.

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Ken, I really like your unusual perspective here. It’s not often that you see trees shot from below, but in this case i think that it works really well. I also really enjoy the juxtaposition of the icicles and snowy tree, they work well together. I’m okay with the color of the blue sky. My only suggestion for improvement would be to crop away the two little trees in the LRC, I think they are so bright that they pull my eye away from the main tree. But that is a nitpick, overall I really like this image a lot, the light on tree is gorgeous.


I especially like the color contrast between the blue in the sky and the orange/red in the rock; the icicles are a great element and story teller. For me, and including the snow-dusted pine are all the story and my only suggestion would be a crop off the right. The bit of snow covered rock and especially the pine top remnants in the LR aren’t necessary; I would crop off the right and keep the eye focused on your main subjects.

If anything, I might add some luminosity to the rock, but that’s minor and subjective.


Thanks Gents for your thoughtful critiques! Yea, Ed I see your point on the two trees. Michael, I’m still torn about how much of the rock face tones to show. It’s fairly dark on my monitor but if I ever print this, I’ll be paying attention to that. And yes, Lon, depending on what aspect ratio I would print this I would most certainly crop off the right portion of the image.


Yes, crop some off the right should strengthen your crop. Well done…Jim