Wonderland in Winter

This is from an ill advised quick trip to Acadia last February. The forecast was for some snow so Mike and I made a last minute decision to head up to Acadia. Needless to say the snow did not happen, we wound up staying in an overpriced B&B, ( one bed collapsed while sleeping ), I slipped on some ice that was lurking under a little snow while walking down to Jordon Pond ( landed on the right hip which was still giving me trouble after a hip replacement). A comedy of errors to say the least. I think I only got three keepers. :sob:

I actually think the lack of snow helped this image as I like the muted warm colors of the vegetation. This area is one of my favorites in Acadia during the fall season as Wonderland is a riot of reds and greens. Anyway, I appreciate your taking a look and leaving a comment or suggestion.

Nikon D800, Nikon 35-70 @ 70 mm, f 16 @ 1/5 sec, ISO 200, MLU, CPL, cable release & tripod

Ed, this is a fine winter scene, the snowy trail works well as a subtle leading line with the surrounding color in the grass in the center, the trees at the back and along the right and the shrubs in the foreground looking just like an eastern woodland. This view invites me to go for a quiet, contemplative walk.