Wood ducks in the shade

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Canon 7D MII, Canon 100-400mm F-4.5/5.6 IS II USM @ 400mm
1/320 @ F-5.6 ISO 400, hand held

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I like the composition, John. The ducks show up quite well in the larger version. They do all look a bit soft as if your focal plane might have been on the willow leaves instead of any of the ducks. You might think about cropping a bit off the left to eliminate that stick coming in-it’s a bit of an eye magnet.

I’ve seen a lot of Wood Ducks, but never in a tree (odd, I suppose, given their name), so thanks for sharing this image. I like the composition and setting. Would wish for more of the striking color usually seen in the drake. Might also consider cloning out the lone branch in the dark area on the left.