Wooly Lousewort - Pedicularis kanei

Image Description

This is a very old photo taken with my first digital camera (Sony DSC-F707) in early Spring of 2003 on Thompson Pass, Alaska. I thought it was perfect for this challenge category! Such an ugly name for these beautiful tiny flowers :face_with_diagonal_mouth: This particular flower was only about 1 1/2 inches tall. I had to bury the camera in the tundra to get this perspective!

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I took great pains to get the scenic mountain background in the image to show the context of it’s home. Any comments as to whether it worked OK would be appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony DSC-F707 @ 9.7 mm, ISO-100, f/2.0, 1/1000, camera buried in the tundra.

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This is a beautiful specimen Gary and your capture does it justice. Like your perspective a lot…the foreground is very interesting with the green foliage and other vegetation. Plus, the background really provides a sense of place, with the snow and mountains, leading up to the blue sky with puffy white clouds. A well-done effort!

Well, Gary, I think that burying the camera in the tundra was a double winner in this image. First, it created an intriguing perspective and, second, it allowed viewers to see where these beautiful flowers grow. I agree the name does not do justice to them. Anyway, the color contrast between the flower and BG is striking. Sharpness is spot on with the aperture you used. The crop you used included just enough foliage with a leading green line going directly toward the flower. On a personal note, had I edited this image, I would have cloned out the leafless branch sticking out above the leaves to the right of the flower. Great image and colors!

It’s funny how some things jump out at us with photos - for me the curving blade of grass is such a beautiful touch. It follows the shape of the plant and inverts the shape of the mountain. The colors are bold and very spring-y. Amazing how cold tolerant some plants are and clearly have to be in Alaska and northern Canada. I bet the pollinators are happy when these bloom! You could have a go at toning down the bright strands of dead grass in front of the flower if you want. I wouldn’t try to clone them out, but just darken them a little.

Wort is a funny one that because of the similar sounding wart in our ears. Originally it was wyrt which was a catch-all for any plant or even part of a plant like root or stem. Ah, English, you are a crafty little language.

Oh Gary, this is really nice. The down low perspective, with the bright colors against places of snow and snow covered mountains really makes this feel like a mix of spring and winter. Perfect for the WC.

What a great Image. I like the idea of the flower working its way up through the dead debris left over from last year. Really, a new beginning, which is what spring is all about.

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