Yellow-rumped Warbler

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea-bird wise-as the bird is partially hidden as is the eye, but as mentioned in the previous post it was more about getting a bird in the colorful tree. It works for me as I like the mixture of the warbler’s colors with the tree.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Again, weird blue chromatic aberration I tried to remove. And, as I view the enlarged image, the warbler is a bit soft. Oh well.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII; Sigma 150-600 at 421 mm; 1/1000 at f6.3, +1/3 EV; ISO 500

The colors are great, Allen. I would prefer to see the entire eye, though having the bird partially hidden doesn’t bother me. The bird is a trifle soft in the face. For this situation, I think a higher iso and smaller aperture would work to your benefit since you had quite a bit of light.

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Close enough to be successful! Color fringes can be frustrating – you can desaturate blue but that will kill what is left of the sky.

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I love the bird hidden in the leaves - very natural looking and the focus is great; not easy to do when there are branches and leaves in the way. My thought would be to take some of the highlights out of the sky - I find so much brightness in the background to be distracting from the subject.

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The warbler looks great with all the fall colors. I like how you have room for the bird to look into. A good suggestion about bit more dof may have tightened up on the eye a bit.

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