Young Black-buck taking off

These young bucks were too fast, it took me some time to adjust to their speed. Interestingly there are no large predators in the sanctuary, still they were so swift.

Canon 5D4; 500 mm; ISO 400; 1/1250 sec. at F 4.

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Well, I think you nailed it, Jagdeep. I love how high up in the air you caught him, and the cloud of dust below his feet. Well done.

You did nail it. Wonderful image. I’m curious about the two bright spots in the upper right corner which draw my attention from the Buck although the Buck is so good my attention is drawn back to it. One looks like a person from behind who is slightly bent over.

Absolutely first class. If I have to critique, given that you posted in this forum, I would suggest that you flip it horizontally for an even more dynamic composition.

Thanks friends !
@Jim_Gavin the bright spots you 're trying to interpret are cows.

Great timing on this Jagdeep. The sharpness and the take-off, with no feet near the ground make an outstanding image.