Z9 Card Not seating

My Z9 has decided not to accept my card in the #1 slot. It won’t click in position like it always has. The #2 slot accepts a card and it clicks in, no problem. I can push the card in as far as I can, then push the door shut on it, and it will let me take pics but something’s not right. Any ideas?

The click thing on an SD card slot is just a simple mechanical spring, so there is either something jammed in it, or it’s broken, or the notch on the card it clicks into is damanged. In any case, it should work fine without it.

Thanks for your informative reply. On looking closely at the malfunctioning card, I see that there’s a little missing piece of plastic at one of the corners of the part of the card that sticks out of the slot when inserted. I switched out my #2 slot card which is intact. Same issue. It will not “click” into the #1 slot. The door itself has to close it down. Kinda scary to me. Could it be that the #1 slot is just worn out? I’ve had the Z9 for about a year now and I average taking the card out at least once a day, sometimes more to load files into my computer. I need to load that way, as opposed to using the camera’s cable because I rely heavily on using Photo Mechanic to sort thru my shots and it will not work with the cable entered files. Sigh…