2020 Favorites

Here are my Favorite 2020 Images from only 3 trips this year. I visited the Eastern Sierra Alabama Hills, the Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains, Bryce and Zion National parks. It was super difficult to get out and shoot this year so I have a limited collection of images to pull from but I’m happy with my collection from this year. These are images that I have not yet posted. In the order these were taken this year starting with the Alabama Hills:





Natures Garden


Picture Window

Inner Chamber

Life is Beautiful

A River Runs Through it

Happy Holidays to all of you and may you all be blessed with incredible light in 2021!

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Beautiful images, David. Sounds like you got out more than most of us. My favorites of your favorites are: Awakening, Enveloped and Resilient. I think you had a very good year.

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Even though your time was restricted you came away with some portfolio worthy images, David. Resilient and Awakening are my two favorites as they are dripping with mood and drama. Transitions is a close third. It has a more subdued peaceful mood to it that I find inviting.

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Looks like it was good year David. Awakenings is sensational, an easy pick.,. . love the earth tones . Puts me right in the Brislecone country of the Whites.

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David, a great set of images! A nice collection of grand vistas and smaller scenes. My pick is Inner Chamber and Awakening.

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David, it looks like an excellent year. Resilient is a great opening view, with it’s near/far comp. The glow of the hoodoos at Zion stand out well against all of the subtle greens and long view into the distant valley.

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If you were only able to take 3 trips this year, these places certainly offered you a nice diversity of both grand and intimate scenes. This is a very well rounded collection.

“Awakening” has the most immediate and forceful impact for me. The light creates an orange glow that gives this image some mystical qualities. Many bristlecone images are primarily about the trees, for me this one is instead primarily about the light, with the tree being additive to the light. You should be very proud of this one.

My second favorite is “Picture Window”, I just love how the tree has found it’s niche in the sandstone. I think this tells a great story about autumn in Zion, its as much about the sandstone as it is about the fall color.

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Real nice collection from those trips. My favorite is Awakenings, an excellent take from the Bristlecones. And you have some really nice Zion colors too. Well done.

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Very striking photos David. I love them all, especially the images with the colorful fall leaves. But must admit I keep going back to Awakenings as being the most striking of all.

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Thanks you @Harley_Goldman, @linda_mellor, @Ed_McGuirk, @Dennis_Plank, @Mark_Seaver, @Ed_Lowe, @ol, @Stephen_Stanton, for your comment and favorites. It certainly seems as though Awakening has appealed to many of you and it does me too. This was a great trip for me because as I was hiking around looking for comps I ran into Large format film photographer Ben Horne and he showed me one of his favorite comps in the area. I’ll attach that image below but I didn’t include it in my original set of images because it’s really his image and we was just kind enough to show it to me. I certainly thank him for that and would never claim it to be my find. If you have never followed Ben before you can find him by Googling Ben Horne and his web page will pop up. He does YouTube videos of all of his trips which are very well done and informative to all who watch.
Awakening was taken just after talking to Ben as the sun was setting. Great memories! Wishing everyone a better 2021 than 2020 has been to the world.

Awakening, Otherworldly and Nature’s Garden.

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A wonderful collection, David! I agree entirely with Ed McGuirk’s comment.

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Hi David,

Lots of eye candy, especially “Awakening”! An awesome collection for sure…Jim

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What a spectacular set! Congratulations on make the most of this year!!!

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David, this is a great body of work. Despite the lack of time with the camera in your hands, you made the most of it!

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You certainly have a lovely set of photos for only a few trips. Awakening really encompasses the summertime California mood lately. I love Picture Window, too.

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Thanks so much Patrick. Hope to be able to get out next year with you and Diane on one of our memorable trips. Happy Holidays!

Thank so much for your comments @Bonnie_Lampley, @Keith_Flood, @Jim_Zablotny, @Gary_Minish, @Jim_Gavin. This is a special site for most of us here and this year it became even more important to many of us who were stuck at home while wanting to get out and shoot. It was great to see all the places I couldn’t go this year through the lens of your cameras. Thank you to David and Jennifer for running such a wonderful web site where we can comment and critique and share in our passion of photography. Happy Holidays!