A Bighorn Ewe's story

While my wife and I ate a quick dinner at the Yellowstone River Picnic area, 4 Bighorn ewes wandered through, completely ignoring us and the one other couple. While the other 3 ewes stayed in the shade, this one posed nicely on a hill in the sun. The fact that she’s missing one horn and the other horn is badly frayed, suggests to me that she’s an older ewe, possibly the group leader. She’s also very shaggy, as she sheds her winter coat and quite pregnant. With the missing horn and the shaggy coat resulting in an image that is unlikely to get published, even as it tells an important story about living wild. The tight framing is deliberate as I wanted to emphasize HER, not the shrubbery that she was standing behind.

7D2, 100-400 IS II @ 340 mm, 1/1000 s, f/11, iso 400, tripod

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Good one for the category!! The image is well done and very effective.

She does have a story, Mark, and it looks like you captured it well.

Looks like she’s had a long and difficult life! Good choice for the challenge, Mark! A little hot on the eposure but otherwise a good capture that tells a story.

Excellent pose and composition. I like the story. She does look as if she had a rough time.

A rugged individual for sure! All the “imperfection” makes her more interesting to me than a perfect specimen. I agree with Gary and feel that the image could be improved by darkening the brightest areas just a bit. Otherwise a nice example for the category.