A Fall Breeze

While camping with lots of wind, I thought I’d try for some fall leaves moving in the wind, here’s the result. (5D3, 100-400 @ 400, 0.3 s, f/16, iso 100, tripod)

Mark, they almost look like flames of fire, with the light shining through them. The motion of the limb produces a neat rotation of lines on it, while the leaves provide the nice rich colors with motion. Very interesting image. I have never tried doing this. May have to try it. I like the composition of this as well. The oof BG makes the leaves and limbs stand out nicely. Nice shot.

Mark; they remind me of stained glass. So beautiful. The OOF background colors seem to be reflected in the leaves and and helps them really pop. Nicely seen. Perfect time of year for camping.

Mark: Really good catch and a nice job keeping the leaves in the frame. Did you select the shutter speed and let the other settings fall into place? Good idea and an even better result. >=))>