A Feast for All - But One

Nature can be hard to watch at times. I went out to my flowers this morning, and saw the Green Lynx Spider feasting on what we refer to as “Stink Bugs” (not sure that is the official name). Went back and got my camera, and starting taking photos, and that is when I saw these very tiny flies of some sort, having a feast as well.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Taken with Canon 5D II, Canon 100 mm L lens, KX-800 twin flash, handheld. Settings f16, 1/90, ISO 160 (manual settings).

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Shirley, the colors and details in the spider and it’s prey are outstanding. The story that you’ve caught here is very much, nature as it is. (Everything kills to live.) Those little flies are a special addition, adding a lot to the story. It’s also intriguing that there are flies on the spider.

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Wow, tremendous shot Shirley, what a dramatic nature story you have in this image. Processing looks very clean and crisp, and the background look great. This image is a real winner…

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Wow nice! A wonderful capture of this behavioral moment. The colors and textures are great and the addition of the flies adds another level of interest. Well done!

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Great shot Shirely, we have bright green ones here i the UK and commonly call them shield bugs.

Thank you, Ryan. The green one is called a Green Lynx Spider, but the bug that was the feast for all others, shaped like a shield, we call a stink bug, but I don’t know what it’s official name is. I need to look that up.