A Feeling Divine

Not sure if grass falls under flora, but it’s not a macro nor a landschape, so there you go.

One morning in the field the sun displayed beautiful things for my camera. I like to catch flare when I can and it comes in many ways but this time it was quite special, I thought.

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Ingrid: Grass is definitely Flora and this is excellent. Marvelous lighting and the halo is wonderful. A terrific find well seen and captured. >=))>

This is beautiful, Ingrid! It has such a glow about it. Those halos are certainly a nice addition. Well seen and captured.

I think this could successfully be posted in either flora or landscapes, it has an appeal in both genres. Very creative use of flare to create drama in an image. The little arc of flare in the bottom is especially interesting. I also like how you kept the frames edges heavily vignetted and dark. Very unusual image, and nicely seen on your part.

Thanks all for your appreciation! I was so happy to see this. Ed, the vignetting is natural, I didn’t add any. Maybe you didn’t suggest that, but just to be sure :upside_down_face:

Very interesting image. It looks like a crown or even a tiara because it suggests gold. I really like this.

I love the flares’ effect in this image. Nicely seen and processed. Keep them coming!