First time I have posted in Flora…
Note really sure what I am doing as I am just using a 20mm wide angle lens as
I have no Macro lens.
Any comments appreciated.

D800, 20mm, f16, 5 sec. iso200

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Nice composition and colors. Nice sense of depth and good detail.

Dan, what makes or breaks a flora image is good use of the frame, cropped or otherwise; the management of distracting elements; and a critical use of highlights and shadows. Exactly the same elements of concern as are in all the various categories of nature photography! You don’t need a macro lens, though it is helpful. I’ve taken floral pictures with a 180mm macro, a 300mm prime, and a 16mm—35mm zoom.

This image is very good! It has depth, detail, color, good framing and excellent composition. Welcome to Flora!

I like this scene a lot, Dan. Excellent composition and your lack of a “macro” lens worked in your favor as the wide angle gave you the depth of field to make this scene sharp throughout-very difficult to accomplish with a longer focal length.

Dan this is a really nice intimate scene, the colors, textures and pattern work very well together. With your composition you have also managed create multiple layers and a nice sense of depth as well. When shooting scenes like this, it is important to carefully pay attention to the edges of the frame. In this image the large yellow leaf at the bottom clips the edge of the frame, which is a little distracting. You have many leafs clipped which is fine, but this one is so prominent in the comp that I would have liked to see all of it.

Dan: Welcome to Flora and thanks for a terrific first post here. Our motto is “If it grows it goes” so whatever gets you the results you’re looking for works. I actually think the wide angle worked to your advantage because of the aforementioned DOF.
On scenes like this its hard to know where to crop. I understand the comment about the clipped leaf but that really doesn’t bother me. For me personally I like to include the entire leaf or clip it more so folks can assume it was intentional. All things considered I consider the clipped tip a < 1 cent nit. Superb image.:+1::+1:>=))>

Welcome to Flora Dan! I hope you continue to post here.

I like this very much. My eye is drawn to those two lighter leafs in the middle. I would work to emphasizing them more by cropping a little and not having them in the very middle.


What a wonderful image.

Welcome to Flora! THis is an excellent image - interesting shapes, complimentary colours, and fine detail/DOF.
The cut-off leaves are not bothersome to me at all.
Not sure the upper right dead leaves add much, and they pull my eye a little. I might try different crops, including square and non-traditional ones, to cut some of that out.
A great first Flora image!