A Light Breeze

After walking to the far end of Todd Lake I sat on the grassy bank and watched. Presently a very light breeze came up. The dark trees of the opposite shore were reflected and not reflected by the ripples in the water. Mesmerized by these patterns, I combined them with the nearby reeds to form a composition. Each gust of wind created patterns of different intensity. I finally found one that fit consistently within the framework. This all lasted no more than 15 minutes as the wind grew with intensity and the patterns lost their allure for me.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

As you can see there is very little color. Is this a good thing or should it be added? Whatever color there is seems to matter because the image breaks down in b&w for me.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I’m finding that when I zoom out in the preview app on MacBook Pro I like the image more than when it’s full screen. That was particularly true in this image. So I added a thick frame yet didn’t make it pure white. Some people seem to think that adding a frame is a sign of vanity. I don’t agree.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 6D, 24-105@105mm, iso 400, f/20, 1/40 sec

I’ll add the frameless one as well to see how NPN handles it.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Hi Igor,

I like how you’ve framed your composition. My eye starts in the top left and flows down to the reeds.

I don’t think you need anymore colour as for me this composition is about the pattern and contrast.

If you were to add colour I’d cool the shadows a bit

Igor, these patterns are fascinating, I’m glad you were able to make this image before the wind took over. The pattern of the reeds is very interesting as well. I like it much better with the frame, adding the frame creates more definition in the pattern. I hope you don’t mind, but I downloaded it, and made a few edits. I ran it thru Tony Kuyper’s “Neutralize color cast 1”, and it cooled it a little bit. I also made a TK Midtones 2 selection and added a little contrast. These edits are relatively minor, the image really works so well because of the patterns, shapes and composition. I also converted it to B&W, and it absolutely works better in color, which is a little surprising given the strong patterns and shapes here.

Igor, this is really well seen! I appreciate how you described waiting for the wind to make the water pattern you chose to capture. The patterns really do lead the eye to the subject. I also prefer your framed image and the slightly cooler tone Ed posted. Nice work!

Beautiful, nice and simple. I will be the contrarian because I like it better with a black frame. I have no objections to framing an image for posting here (I used to do it with all mine back in the day), but I like the way the black background pulls out the dark ripples in the water. No nits from me, really nice image.


First off, to the image. I like this a lot and kudos for waiting for the right moment/conditions. The ripple patterns and contrast look great and even better is how they are more dispersed around the grasses. Very cool.

I do like Ed’s color adjustment, but also one of those things where I wouldn’t have noticed or commented unless being able to see a comparison.

As far as framing goes, I personally like this image with the white frame to help separate from the dark gray viewing background. The dark tones in this particular image need to be separated from the viewing background.

As you may remember, I framed each and every image I ever posted in NPN 1.0; for no other reason than I wanted to “present” my work as if I was presenting a print in a gallery - or something like that. I also decided to do consistently without regard to an individual image, subject matter, color, etc. Now, that meant not every image was presented in it’s best possible way, but was simply my way and trying to be consistent (that way I didn’t have to evaluate and frame on a case by case basis). I’ve chosen in NPN 2.0 to remove the framing - if anything to simplify the prepping process. I think the new image display features and huge improvements partially remove the need for framing an image, but of course it’s up to each individual. AFter seeing your framed (canvas extension more accurately…) it gives me pause to consider doing that as well. However, if it means having to decide image by image, I’ll probably opt for continuing with no frame. Good news is, the new display format gives us the option to make both look good.


Thank you @Ed_McGuirk for reworking this image. In some respects I like it more, particularly the reeds, which have more presence now. The color is a personal preference. I didn’t add more contrast to this image because I didn’t want to diminish the colors and tones in the brighter parts of the waves. But getting the darker parts to be darker does help. Thank you. You are welcome to rework any of my images, no problem.

Thank you @Harley_Goldman, @Alan_Kreyger

@Lon_Overacker, I’m not sure how I will go with the frames in the future. Small thin frames do nothing for me. I’ve added frames to some that benefitted very little from them. Other than providing a structure for the image they affect the mood as well. A pastel image or an image with a lot of negative space just doesn’t look good on a dark background. So I think that I will decide on it’s usage image by image.

I prefer your frame-less presentation Igor. I like the detail and contrast of the water ripples. I especially like the rippled reflection of the reeds.

Those ripples create some intriguing patterns (good reminder as I’m always quick to try and smooth the water with ND filters). This composition works beautifully for me with the grasses positioned well to anchor the image. I’m liking Ed’s edits. Put me in the frameless camp.