A Little Later

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 400mm
ISO 200, 1/400 @ f8 (HDR)
Great Sand Dunes NP
Taken just a few minutes after Early Risers. The rising sun was rapidly pushing the shadows back to the east and I liked the contrast of warm sunlit areas and the cool blues of the shadows. All comments welcome. >=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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I’m liking this a lot, Bill. The warm and the cool colors work well together. I also like that his is a more cropped in view than the others appeared to be. Almost reminds me of chocolate milk!

Another top notch one, Bill. I also like the contrasting warm and cool tones.I like how the photo is almost divided in half with the tones. No critiques to offer.

Wonderful use of diagonals with the dunes and the warm and cool colors work very nicely together. The interplay of light and shadow also works beautifully. This is just a personal preference, but I could see the blues in the shadows reduced just a little. Minor stuff though as this is lovely.

Bill, this is a really great abstract. The colors are very strong, while still looking natural. I love the blue/purple colors in the shadows. That pink/purple color in the transition zone is very appealing. As @Shirley_Freeman mentioned the tighter view here is nice, and lends a more abstract treatment to the image. While I like this as presented, i could also see a 16 :9 panoramic here, with a crop away from the bottom.

Bill, this has such a beautiful blend of colors transitioning through the frame. Nicely done. I agree with Ed and would maybe think about trimming the bottom a little to see if it gives a different balance .

I agree that you nailed it with the change in colors and the repetition of the diagonal lines. As Ed and Dan mentioned I played with a crop making it more of a pano. I cropped the bottom to just below the first ridge on the left side. This crop emphasizes the diagonal lines while still keeping the contrast in colors.

This is outstanding, Bill! I also like the warm / cool contrast as well as the strong diagonal lines. The darker areas on the sand add interest (I’m guessing maybe it’s from rain? Not sure). Very nicely done!