A peek into the future

My driveway with October snow. It didn’t last long, but was pretty for an hour or two. It’s just a driveway, but what the heck.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

Handheld between cups of coffee

a peek into the future

Lr for a crop and warming to the white balance. Had to take down the highlights/whites pretty hard in the sun, but a brush took care of it. Some lens correction and sharpening as well.


This is beautiful! I love the softness of the sun coming through to the fresh snow. The leading driveway makes me want to know what’s around the corner and go exploring. Lovely photo, thank you for sharing it!

What a gorgeous driveway. That warm light is so hopeful.

Thanks @Theresa & @Bonnie_Lampley - it is a nice driveway except when I have to take the trash to the curb, lol. Around the bend is the detached garage and then the house. I’ve always liked the bend.

Kris, this would make an outstanding Christmas card! Awesome.

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Gorgeous!!! And the light is amazing, with the sun peeking through the trees. Perfect amount of snow! I’ll bet the same shot would be fantastic in each season!

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Thanks @David_Bostock & @Diane_Miller - strangely I’ve only ever shot it with snow on the ground.

Holy Cow! What a beautiful image and so well composed. That golden light coming through the right side of the image is spectacular. Nice sun star as well. It looks like you had one or two trees with some fall colored leaves still hanging on for dear life. This absolutely would make a really beautiful Christmas card.

Really beautiful picture. The road dividing between the darkness and gloominess of winter and the light and hope of the light and sun (with the emphasis of the star!). Really great composition.