A window through the grass


I went to a park along the Grand River hoping to get a few shots of the pygmy clubtail dragonfly. A cool morning put a halt to dragonfly emergence so I went looking for other small insects to photograph. I found a very small, immature grasshopper (5mm in length) sleeping on a blade of grass. There was a tiny window through the grass and I was able to take several fairly good photos under shady lighting conditions.

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D850 200mm f4 Micro (Manual Focus, 1/40 sec at f16, ISO 1600) Topaz DeNoise AI, Levels, reduction in saturation of BG, crop for comp…Jim
Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Wonderful detail on the grasshopper, and a very interesting BG that places the subject in a good context. The subdued greens look very realistic.

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Jim, when you get handed lemons you make lemonade and that is what you did in this situation since the dragonflies weren’t out for you. Always good to look around for other things. Wonderful details in him, and a really nice natural environment. Great find and capture of this little guy.

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Fantastic capture and details, Jim. Does this little fellow have bubbles coming out of his mouth?? Great shot.

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