Aerial View of the Oregon Coast

An aerial view of the Oregon Coast, looking north. I was hoping for better weather, but you take what you get.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated. Cropped to emphasize the waves up the coast.

Technical Details

10mm, 1/60sec @ f/5, ISO 100, Altitude 119 meters.

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That looks like proper Oregon Coast weather to me :rofl:
It’s a nice documentary representation of the coast, for sure. Not much for me to add :slight_smile:

Nice work, David. It certainly does depict the coast accurately on an overcast day. I’m not sure about the composition though I can’t find a crop that improves it. I’m sure Alex Noriega would come up with some. He was amazing in that regard.

The soft light suits the peaceful composition. I like the wide-angle view with the breakers receding in a gentle curve. The horizon seems to be dropping a bit toward the left, maybe some wide-angle distortion with some optical illusion maybe partially contributing.

Hi David. It’s definitely got a mood to it. I find that I want to see more of the mist and rocks in the background. I cropped it to highlight those features and also give the bring more focus to the breaking waves.

Thanks @Matt_Payne, @Igor_Doncov, @Diane_Miller, and @AndreDonawa for your comments and suggestions.

Diane, I adjusted the horizon a bit. Kinda weird when the drone is supposed to be always horizontal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Andre, thanks for your crop suggestion. I thought I liked the wider image, but your crop really works.

Also, I feel this is better in B&W, what do you think?

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Yes, I think the B&W conversion was a good call. The space on the left side has more interest for me now with the added contrast bringing out the lines and whites in the water

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B&W is better. Have you considered a vertical of the right half?

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I know this spot–its on a hill south of Oceanside looking north and is a great vantage point. It was (and still is) always a stop for me on my photo workshops on the Oregon Coast. It’s a bit treacherous,(Please be careful)
laorcst_anderson1 (1)
but during May-June there are some wildflowers on the hillside below that you can add as a foreground. If you can get back there try it… a foreground really helps! The image I am adding is sort of a post-card( not very creative but I use it in my advertising!) of the spot you were. I hope you can make it back!–JG

Thanks Jack, Good to see you here on NPN.



I actually think the weather served you well here, especially given the vantage point. :slight_smile:

I think the b&w works very well to highlight the wave patterns, sequence. But certainly your original does too. Touch choice.

Excellent seascape