After the rain, Water Lily

After the rain; water lily

On cloudy days the waterlilies in my pond always seem to have an inner glow. This is an attempt to catch that feeling after the rains had stopped. A 15 shot stack for dof on the flowers and the water drops. (5D3, 180mm macro, 1/50 s, f/14, iso 800, tripod)


Mark: Just marvelous. I’m going to have to nudge my gardener toward growing some water lilies and/or lotus. The drops are a really nice complementary element. Top notch shot. >=))>

Mark, this is a wonderful capture of a water lily. Love all the water drops on the bloom. You did an outstanding job at giving the view the feeling after the rain has stopped (feels like I should be shaking the water off the umbrella). You really have accomplished what you attempted to do. Great shot.

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Beautiful, Mark. I love all the water drops and I see what you mean by the glow. I’m wondering how it would look if you enhanced that inner glow a bit? Here’s the direction I was thinking. I just used the local adjustment brush in LR to increase exposure, warm up and saturate the center of the flower and that first row of slightly yellowish petals. I suspect I went too far, but it conveys the idea.