Agave Glow

Went out with the local camera club to photograph ghost towns, but found an agave plant that reminded me of a slot canyon instead. This is a backlit image where the light is striking inside the plant and then reflects and is greened-up in the process. This green-enhanced light then strikes the adjacent green leaves resulting in the glow. The shadow parts are darker and generally cooler in color, although there were some nice oranges in some of the leaves. This is pretty much what happens in slot canyons but in slots the light is warmed up by reflecting off warm-colored sandstone, so it’s generally an orange glow instead of a green glow.

What technical/artistic feedback would you like if any?

Just wondering if everything looks appropriately balanced here. Took quite a bit of processing to get the glow like I wanted.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

This is a focus blend of four different images.

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Tony, a wonderful agave photo. The full frame coverage and detail throughout is excellent IMO…:+1:

That’s truly insightful, and your results show its value. Growing up around agave and enjoying lots of photos over the years, I felt I’d seen it all. Not so, thanks to you Tony. Wow. Just outstanding.

The light is lovely, Tony, and your focus blend is seamless. I like the way the light pulls my eye into the image. My only nit is that my mind wants a touch of counter-clockwise rotation.

Beautiful, Tony. The processing looks spot on and great image.

Beautiful presentation, Tony. A classic photo, wonderfully balanced from color to light to repetitive forms. I like the long diagonals and everything is very crisp . Those barbs seem to dare one to get closer.

This is pretty neat, Tony. And that’s an interesting slot canyon analogy. Those greens really pop, and it’s nice how they contrast with surrounding bronze tones. Excellent post processing work as might be expected.

Tony: 4+ terrific. Great light and comp. I love the color palette and your crop decisions. Superbly crafted image.>=))>

Beautiful work Tony. Really no nits or suggestions…wish it were mine!

In addition to the composition and the color scheme the light play on the greens make this image pop. My only suggestion would be to darken the light on thorns in the upper right corner. A compelling image!

Lovely balance of light and shade, with those blues at the top and bottom of the frame really singing against the greens. The forms make for a great abstract.

Beautiful! Lights and colors are at your very high level. All the shades of the cold green are here. Splendid photo.

I can’t argue with this, especially if it is better than I am capable of, except by accident! The comp and the color are stellar.:+1::+1:

Tony, this is a great Agave view. The clarity is terrific with the spines and the dots on the leave showing very well. The subtle changes in brightness really let the middle group of leaves stand out.

Very nice images with great detail.

All the shades of green in the beautiful image, shades of light and shades of color. I agree with Patricia about the illuminated thorns in the URC. At your level.