Alford Hot Springs

This is at the Alvord Hot Springs in the Alvord Desert in Southeast Oregon. This looks like an aerial view of a river to me.

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Is this a composite: No

Chris, that is exactly what I thought I was looking at when I first saw this, that it was an aerial view. A very nice find indeed. The little streams lead my eye through the image. Well done.

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I also thought it was an aerial photo, Chris. Wonderful colors and composition. The green “algae” stream has nice leading lines throughout the photo. Very nicely seen.

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Chris, this is a good look at this hot springs runoff. It captures all of the elements, the colored algae and the white, dry mineralized areas and combines them is a nice pattern. It reminds me of any number of similar looking hot springs runoff spots in Yellowstone, that I enjoy.

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Nice abstract. Excellent color and patterns.

I was photographing this same spring a couple of years ago. The water ran downstream to a shed. When I opened the door there were naked people inside. I don’t know who was more surprised, they or I.

A very neat pattern, Chris. I do like the colors as well.