Alien in the backyard.

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The Eurasian tree sparrow was introduced in the Stl Lous, MO area several years ago. They have spread north, and are now in my backyard. I was trying out the combination of the Canon R10 with the RF 600mm F-11.

Specific Feedback

Overall appeal, are the tree blossums too bright or distracting?

Technical Details

Canon R10 RF 600mm F-11
1/640 F-11 ISO 1250 Hand held, was sitting in a chair.

This image has not been sharpened.

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This is a wonderful photo. The spring colours really grab my attention as does the story of the bird nestled among them…I think you captured the DOF perfectly! Is there any room to pull out a tiny bit? I don’t mind that the rump is hidden but it is a bit unsettling that it is “cut off”. (If not it doesn’t matter)

I love the sense of the sun coming through in the background and the bird is slightly more shaded. I think the one flower over its head that is bright white might be too much as it pops out.

Hope this is helpful!

As Robena mentioned, the one blossom over the head does pull my eye, the others are fine. Ordinarily I would agree that the missing rear end and tail is a minus, but the in-your-face composition works with an up and coming invasive species.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you Dennis.