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Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Shooting in my backyard from a chair. I was trying for a photo with a bird framed by the blossums of the crab apple tree. Instead I got this old world tree sparrow feeding on the blossums.

Specific Feedback

The scene was in shadow and I use PhotoShop to lighten them. Also used Topaz to reduce noise. I chose not to attempt to completely remove noise. Should I have removed more noise? IS the noise level acceptable?

Technical Details

Canon R7, RF 200-800mm F-9, tripod
800mm @ 1/1600 F-10 ISO 500
Used topaz to reduce noise.

Hi John, nice pose with the bird chomping down on the blossom. Nice head on look. The R7 should easily handle ISO 500 in terms of noise. I doubt any noise reduction is needed in the image. I don’t see any noise present. The bird’s head seems a tad soft. I’m wondering if the focus was more on the stem/blossoms. Still, a fine behavioral capture.

The noise looks fine to me, John. I don’t think they make a camera now that has significant noise at iso 500 as long as you get the exposure right. I agree with Allen that it looks as though the focus was behind the head. Still a really neat behavioral image.

To answer your question, I don’t see much in the way of noise and at only ISO 500, I wouldn’t think you would need any noise reduction unless this is a significant crop. I love the colors of the blossoms and the subdued blue sky background but I feel that the crop is a bit tight, top to bottom. Maybe just a little more bathing room? I love the chomp on the flower blossom and the behavior this shows although the image is just slightly soft everywhere. Did you sharpen this after running it through Topaz noise reduction?
I rather like the image nonetheless.