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Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was the Oregon Coast Crawler, a 4 hour trip specifically for photographers. They let you off, back up the train, then come back with the steam at full force. This happened 6-8 times. A true adventure!

Specific Feedback

I like this image, but would love to hear suggestions for improvements.

Technical Details

35mm 1/400, ISO 1400, F4.


Hi Scott - Fantastic B&W with wonderful tonal range. I also like your chosen composition. However, I think you image is better suited to the Non-nature category. I can move it or you can. Please let me know.

So sorry, yes please move.


Hi Scott! The Oregon Coast Crawler sounds like a fun time. I really like your photo and the B&W presentation. Good comp and detail. I don’t have any suggestions - I just enjoy the image and adventure.

Hi Scott,
I like the timelessness of this image. Also, I thought it was brave to try this vertical. Horizontal would have meant more space in front of the locomotive, but this way you have enough space to show the mix of clouds and steam from the engine. I also like the very visible grain. I would try and experiment with darkening the rocks at the bottom. I think they distract a little. Great photograph!

Many thanks!

Thank you so much! Appreciate the comments and feedback.


What great fun - you had the best of both worlds the adventure of steam travel and the chances to get action photos. Your comp works well as the engine looks as if its moving out of the frame. Nice camera angle, a little tipped to exaggerate a sense of motion. And, the sky and clouds work well together. No nits here; personally, I’d clone out the flag. It’s fine left in, but I find that it may detract from your message. Thanks for the post.

Thanks Larry, most appreciated! btw - I did take the flag out. :slight_smile: