Alpine Fells

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Morning light was nearly gone and I was exploring this region of a mountain, about half an hour walk from my camp. I was thinking about heading back to have breakfast and pack down when I came across this scene. The light was still directional and soft enough to make an image, I used colour negative film as I felt that the deeper shadows and brighter highlights would not render well enough of slide film.

Specific Feedback

Composition, colour and aesthetic quality (or lack thereof).

Technical Details

4x5 field camera / 90mm Nikkor lens / Kodak Portra 160 (shot at ISO 100). Aperture f22 & 1/2 second exposure (approx). Tilt applied to rear standard and rise on the front standard.

This feels really nice! I love the 4x5 on this. I think it was Hans Strand that says 4x5 feels expensive :joy:! I could see burning down the water on the left hand side a little bit if you’re so inclined. I really like the way the branches at the bottom lead to the branches on the left which push you back to the right and into the distance. Love it!

Beautiful and highly emotional image. I like the color scheme as well. The sky is fairly featureless. There is some tone variation in it. I would make some tonal adjustments in the sky.

Cheers David, I will revisit the file and see if I can pull back some of brightness in the water… As for the 4x5, I was very lucky to score 30+ boxes of provia from an ex Fuji rep! :wink:

Good advice and thanks for having a look for me Igor, I’ll have another look at the file and pull the sky back a bit. I think I need to pull my filters out of the bag a bit more regularly!

I agree with Igor. It’s a terrific shot but I find the bright, featureless sky distracting. I think that can easily be remedied.