AMA - Theo Bosboom

We are thrilled to have @Theo_Bosboom join us in August; prepare your questions for Theo! The AMA will start on August 24th at 07:00 am UTC/GMT (3:00 am Eastern) for 24 hours only.

You can learn more about Theo and his work at

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Theo’s Bio

Theo Bosboom is a passionate photographer from the Netherlands, specialising in nature and landscapes. In 2013, he turned his back on a successful legal career to pursue his dream of being a fulltime professional photographer. Since then, he has never looked back.

For Theo photography is a perfect mix between exploring the natural world, creative expression and being in and close to nature. He hopes that his images and photo series can contribute to more respect for and appreciation of nature. In his work Theo focusses only on Europe, believing this continent has much more wild nature to offer than people tend to think and at the same time, he avoids intercontinental flights and the associated large CO2 emissions.

Although Theo has a broad interest in nature, he is inspired most by the powers of nature. He especially loves Iceland, wild coasts and stormy weather. Besides that Theo enjoys making photo series of small creatures like damselflies or limpets and is often inspired by the details of nature. In recent years, Theo has also done numerous projects with a more journalistic approach, also focussing on the relationship between man and nature. He is regarded as a creative photographer with a distinguishable style.

Theo is one of the founders and thriving forces of Stichting Oog op de Natuur, a Dutch non profit foundation that helps NL photographers in funding important photo or multimedia projects about nature ( Previously Theo was active in the Marius van der Sandt stichting, that was focussed on educating talented young Dutch nature photographers.

Where do we post our questions, or are questions asked live during the event? Thanks!

Hi Judi, there will be a new topic created when the event starts where you can post your question. We will send out an email with the link when it starts!

Thank you!

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May I point out that 7 am UTC is not 3 pm Eastern? Tere was some confusion about the starting time, but if it does start at 7 am UTC, that means 3 am Eastern :wink:

Thank you Madeleine, there was a typo, it should be 3 am Eastern and we have corrected that.

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