American Avocet

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

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I got this shot during a visit to the Merced National Wildlife Reserve recently which has a lot of bird species that I never get to see up where I live. These are very cool looking birds and I was happy to get some beak water drops suspended here. This guy was lit by the setting sun. D500, Nikon 200-500mm lens, hand held, 1/2000th, f 7.1, 500mm, ISO 1600, AI Clear, cropped to 1662 x 1303.

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Dave, Wonderful sharp and well composed image. The water drop on the beak is a real bonus. The bird’s stance is also notable. Isn’t it amazing how this heavy long lens can be hand-held? I have the same lens and D500 and am still needing practice in hand-holding it. Any tips? No nits in this image. Great job.

On hand holding the lens, I hold it as steady as I can and try go set it for a fairly high shutter speed but not to cause the ISO to go thru the roof doing it. I try to prop it on something when shooting, if possible (I have chunk of foam tubing to slip over the top of the car window for resting the lens while shooting from the car) and I like to use a gimbal head/monopod or tripod whenever it’s practice to do so.

Good colors and detail and the water droplets add to the image. Water color and reflection nice as well.