"And Good Riddance!"

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was sick this past week-plus, so I pulled this one from some older images. This group of sandhill cranes had been feeding, and one so very self-importantly strutted away, with the other hop-flying as if chasing it off. It was a very cold morning, so the mist rose quickly as soon as the sun came up. Sadly, although I took several more photos of the interactions, I missed the far right bird slipping on ice as he stepped out of the water, and nearly face-planting before he got his wings up! (I’m going to blame cold fingers and not slow reflexes.)

Specific Feedback

I’m pretty sure this needs some cropping and I’ve never been able to decide if I should keep the skein of geese at the top or not.

Technical Details

Canon 7D Mark II, 300 mm, 1/320, f 9, ISO 400, tripod, On1 NoNoise AI, increased contrast

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I think this looks good as presented. You’ve got a fine mix of actions with the cranes in the foreground and the flock of migrators along the skyline. The colors in the mist and sky are inviting and the fact that the cranes are doing more than feeding is a good bit of extra action.

Moved to Avian as requested.

Denise, I love this image. The golden light is stunning, and it creates such a peaceful atmosphere. You’ve managed to capture the cranes beautifully against this serene backdrop, with the mist adding a lovely, soft touch to the overall scene.

If I may suggest, a tighter crop could really make the birds the stars of the show, bringing them into sharper focus and giving the composition even more strength. And maybe a slight tweak to the contrast could help the cranes stand out even more against the mist without losing that dreamy quality you’ve captured so well.

Your eye for the moment is spot-on, Denise!

Hi Denise, very nice scene you caught here. I tried my hand at a different crop version too. Cropping mainly from left and bottom. Leaving more room for the way the bird’s are facing. I’d leave the geese as another point of interest.

To @Mark_Seaver, @Saundie, @Allen_Sparks - Thank you all for you comments and the crop ideas. I’d been a bit “married” to the water in the foreground, but ended up actually liking that the crop suggestions removed it. I appreciate all the help and suggestions I receive in this forum.

Wow Denise, beautiful light and great action in this image. Crop is not necessary, but does help bring focus on the cranes a bit more.

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