Michigan Sandhill Crane Pair

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was driving in middle Michigan and happened to see this pair resting somewhat close to the road. As I was in “resort” area, they were accustomed to people stopping. I’ve cleaned up branches in the foreground and background but was unable to remove those covering the body of the resting crane.

Technical Details

Nikon coolpix

Teri, how nice that they were so accessible. The male is nicely posed. The coloring on his feathers is interesting. I wonder if some of it is shadows from the leaves of the tree. in PS you can mask the birds using the subject mask. Then you may be able to bring out the birds with the saturation and value sliders. Cropping out some of the foreground and background would also have give the birds more importance. You have done a great job in cleaning out the branches. Just my take on your roadside friends. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Teri, nice that you were able to catch these pair along a road. I like the pose of the standing bird with one foot up. Taking photos of two subjects in the frame is challenging in terms of sharpness and composition. I am fine with the composition given all the elements you are dealing with. I’m not sure if the sharpness on the birds could handle a real tight crop.

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Teri, this is a fine environmental image of Sandhill Cranes. It feels like a fine warm day.

This is a really nice composition, Teri. I like the way the light falls on the resting crane and the standing one has a nice pose as noted by others. As Barbara noted, there are ways you can use to add a bit of light to the standing crane, but it has to be pretty subtle.