Anhinga, female

Another portrait from Florida trip.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 400, f10, 1/640s, hand held

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Hi Allen,

Comp is spot on and I like how you positioned the bird in the frame. The eye and surrounding turquoise area does it for me as well. You might want to try to slightly darken the whites in the lower lh corner. Burn or luminosity mask might work. Other than that, this will make a wonderful print…Jim

Allen, this is an amazing portrait. The details are superb. I can’t get over that eye. The composition is really nice, and that nice smooth background really makes him stand out.

The rhythm created by the lines, Allen, are gorgeous! The detail and colors in its eye are beautiful. Fantastic photo, very nicely seen and executed.

Excellent portrait with the pose, color and details and the background works well.

Excellent color, detail, composition, and background. The contrasting colors along with the smooth background really makes this image work.

A gorgeous portrait, Allen. The pose is just perfect. I see what Jim is saying about the lower left corner, though lowering the whites there very much might make them start to look unnatural.

Just gorgeous! All said above!

I think the best treatment for the LL is not to lower a narrow range of the whites but to paint a softly feathered mask, reaching up to about the bend in the wing, and just pull down the center point of a curve slightly. That will keep the relative tonalities more constant.

Hi Allen
You are turning into our portrait photo photographer. I agree with all the above. Really nice work.
Why did you use a 7Dll and not you 90?

@peter , Hi Peter - thanks for the comment! I used the 7D2 on the Florida trip because I thought it would be better at keeping up with the action shot possibilities - birds in flight, feeding, etc. In burst mode, the 90D fills its buffer quite quickly compared to the 7D2.

Hi Allen
Thank you for getting back to me.